Monday, 26 June 2017

An Evening to Remember!

It was 9.20 pm when I climbed the staircase to my apartment after a really tiring evening shift from hospital. My one-year old nephew welcomed me with an enthralling smile which almost closed both his eyes upon seeing me enter in. Though tired, I replied back his smile and gesture. When I finished changing my clothes, my mother called me for the dinner but I was too tired to take my dinner also, so I just lied her that I already had sth at work.

When the dinner was over, my sister alerted us that there is no water at home. It is not soon when she called my name from downstairs asking me to come and help her fetch water. It was seriously pissing to fetch water and carry it up to the third floor late at 10 pm of the night and that also after I had one of the busiest shifts.

It was a Sunday evening shift where I was stationed at the triage desk. The beginning of the shift was not that busy but by around 5 pm, patients started piling up and soon our emergency department turned into an Indian fish market, completely crowded and packed with patients and attendants. We ran out of beds. Even the extra trollies were inserted along the corridor. As the number of patients kept on increasing, we ran out of extra trollies and wheelchairs as well.

Referred patients from other hospitals added the number. Patients poured in with variable severities, so we had no other option than to make them sit on the chairs. We ourselves had to keep running here and there looking for oxygen masks, injections, sponging trays, IV fluids etc...

It was one of the most busiest shifts for me. This is not a complain that we are having to endure such circumstances. There are staff there who has seen such shifts lots of times and they have been well experienced in handling such huge number of patients. I, as a newcomer have learnt a lot from that shift. Emergency situations demands preparedness and we are groomed practically for it. Such situations can knock us anytime.

When the department runs into such busy shifts, it comes as a challenge as we all always manage to see all the patients and provide them the required emergency services. All the patients are assessed according to the traige level and either consulted for admission to the wards or relieved and discharged. At the end of the day, we are proud as a team to be able to handle number of patients above our capacity.

Most of us start our shifts with a prayer that we receive less patients, have less casaulties. Though this is somehow related to our selfishness, we indirectly pray for the people to be in good health, not fall sick and avoid all those accidents so that they don't have to come to emergency. And coming to emergency department of any hospital is never a happy thing.

Be safe and take care of your own health. Avoid all those conditions which you think will lead you to sustain injuries. A simple example can be of being careful while walking. Looking for anything spilled on the floor on which you will fall as one single step you take and you may fall down hard enough that will break your bones.
This is a simple request from me and my experience till now.


  1. Such a wonderful way to express what you encountered in your working place. I remembered well the way you told me your experience verbally and in person when we were together. Plus all your facial and hands expression!!! I really hope the Authority could see such important roles from graduates like you and soon open opportunity for you to be in the full time job market. Keep up your spirit and serve from your heart always!!! :)

    1. Thank you very much firstly for your constant visit and dropping comments on my post.
      There are things the higher authorities need to look and take into consideration but somehow this doesn't seem to be happening and it's very sad. All we can do is keep hoping for the best!
      Thank you for your encouragement and I shall keep doing my best!