Saturday, 15 July 2017

Fun time with Kids

Today towards the evening I had some quality time with my two naughty nephews:Tandin Dorji, eight years old who is my brother's elder son and Minjur, one plus year old who is my sister's son. Since Minjur was having infection, and was on an antibiotics course, fever attacked him now and then which made him restless and crying almost all the time. 

To make Minjur feel better I took him into my arms and went out into the parking lot of our apartments while Tandin was following us too. Minjur felt better there and played around. Tandin suddenly suggested that we should play kuku  (Hide & Seek). I agreed and Tandin was willing to be the ghost  (Haha...ghost are supposed to search for the hiding party). I don't know if ghost is the correct term but that was what we have always used while playing this game. As Tandin turned around and covered both his eyes, counting till 20 so that we could hide somewhere, I took Minjur and hid behind the white Alto 800 parked there and kept an eye on him. When he finally finished shouting all the numbers, he asked, "Did you hide ani?" I stayed silent because he may find the source of the sound if I replied him. He then moved to the back of the building searching for me and Minjur. And thanks to Minjur who stayed pin drop silent while all these happened. Once Tandin disappeared behind the walls, I carried Minjur and climbed upstairs to home. I looked down from the balcony and saw Tandin desperately searching for the two of us. I kept quiet for a long time. But then I realized there are many stray dogs around, so I called his name. As he looked up, I immediately hid myself again. After few minutes I called him again and directed him to come home upstairs. 
My fun time gang!

And then I ran into the kitchen and hid behind the door. There, Minjur kept nearing me. So I asked my sister to take him away. But when Tandin reached home and started searching for me around, Minjur came near the door and watched me with smiles even when I waved him several times to go away which obviously made Tandin suspect that I was hiding behind the door. When Tandin finally saw me, we all bursted into laughter looking at the stupidity of Minjur who was supposed to help me actually but ended up helping Tandin who was our rival...hehe. 

We played this game for one more round and then tuned our bodies to the rhythm of various songs I played from my mobile. Tandin mostly repeated my dance steps while Minjur was fascinated by his cousin and aunt shaking their bodies like wild monkeys. It was seriously fun to play this game at this age and that also with these very young and energetic kids. It brought back so many childhood memories which was somehow lost in the process of growing up and defining a life for oneself. Spending some time with these innocent kids refill our life with fun and energy besides stepping closer to them.

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