Saturday, 28 November 2015

Love In Time

Of all the good times, why only exam time? I was preparing for my final exam of this semester that I came across a Hong Kong drama LOVE IN TIME or STILL HAVE TIME TO LOVE YOU. I opened the synopsis of the drama and came to know that it was inspired from the Stephenie Meyer's Twilight saga. Now this was the main reason that attracted me to watch this drama. I have read all the books of the Twilight saga before watching the movies. I was in my high school when the twilight movie was released and I still remember talking about all the cute scenes from the movies with my friends and its no doubt that we all wanted a boyfriend like Edward Cullen with supernatural powers who would do anything for the woman he loves. I watched all of it's movies for several times. Of all the saga series, I loved the first one: Twilight and I remember keeping the twilight poster as my phone wall paper for a long time. I really love this movie.
Now, I watched 6 minute trailer of the drama (Love in time) on YouTube which increased my curiosity to watch the drama. I really wanted the time to pass soon, finish my exams and watch the drama. I had to study for my finals so I told myself that I would watch it once I finish my first paper as I have 5 days gap for the next paper. And I will study for the rest of the days. That was fair according to me because I could hardly suppress my excitement to watch it. 
Love in Time
Still have time to love you

And finally I was done with my first paper and so I ran to my hostel and opened my laptop only to the disappointment that there is no English subtitle on YouTube. It was in Mandarin and for me, no English subtitles was as good as being a deaf audience. I could only understand the actions and the movements. Hope kept me going and I visited other sites like drama fever, Asian Drama, and lots of other sites. I couldn't get it at all even after so many attempts. I finally lost hope for the day and slept with a heavy heart that night. The next morning, a new hope came to me and again I tried to search online by clicking on any links google provided me. Nothing worked and I finally gave up on watching the drama. 

Towards the evening of the day, I again gave a final attempt. I managed to get a drama review written by someone (probably who watched the Mandarin or Cantonese version). I had very little hope to watch the drama with English subtitles and so I just read the review and the comments from the readers. 
And finally...I got it. Someone asked for the drama with English subtitles in the comments and the writer replied that the drama with English subtitles are uploaded on Dailymotion. I didn't check this for sure previously, so I directly jumped on Dailymotion. And there was my treasure I have been hunting for.

I completed the whole drama within a night sacrificing my sleep. The drama had a total of nine episodes portraying the love of a 224 years old vampire Roy (Danson Tang) with a young human girl Hei Lam (Michelle Wai). Actions are there as expected from a supernatural hero Roy and the cute romantic scenes I have been waiting to see. The plot is almost like that of Twilight saga, a cold vampire falling in love with a warm-hearted human girl, where Roy at first tries to push Hei Lam away thinking that she might end up getting hurt and later coming to the realization that he cannot forget her. There are rival characters: TX and Marcus. TX attacks Hei Lam and Roy comes to save her where she discovers that Roy is not a human. Marcus is the main rival and he is killed only at the end of the drama. 
Marcus and Roy in action

Story progresses as Roy and Hei Lam come closer to each other and minor characters play crucial roles in setting up the climax of the story. We get to see even a fox spirit like in the Twilight saga: Mei-Loi, is a fox who falls in love with a vampire George who is the only friend of Roy for the last 200 years and the one who made Roy a vampire. I enjoyed the character of George thoroughly as he is helpful to Roy and Hei Lam, funny in lots of scenes and his romantic journey with Mei-Loi, whom he dislikes her for the strong dirty smell she has as a fox but he eventually end up falling for the fox spirit Mei-Loi in the end. Like that in the Twilight saga, Hei Lam develops her desire to become a vampire so that she can live for many hundred years with the man she loves. Unlike Edward, Roy is determined not to make Hei Lam a vampire like himself. However Roy do grant her wish at last when he has the choice of either making her a vampire like him or just seeing her die in front of his eyes. There is a happy ending to the story where Roy and Hei Lam walks hand in hand enjoying their time together.
A touching scene from the last episode where Hei Lam is
hypnotized by Marcus to kill Roy.
Hei Lam draws dragger to Roy

I liked the drama including the characters, settings, plot and climax. The center of attraction was the character of hero undoubtedly. It is a fantasy all girls possess to have a super-man type boyfriend who has all the supernatural powers and leave our mouth wide open in showing us great surprises.

Let me talk something about Danson Tang (Roy) who is a Taiwanese actor, model and singer. Few months back, I watched a Taiwanese drama of him called Murphy's law of love and I liked the character he played. In that drama, we get to see his singing talent too. Of course I am his fan after watching two dramas of him. Physically he is cool, good-looking and cute too sometimes. 

Handsome Danson Tang


  1. Lol! Out of so much time around, series are there to tempt us! Me too experienced that before :D Nowadays I'm no more watching it and try to read instead. No matter what, good luck for your exam! Hope it won't be affected! ^^

    1. Thank you 😊 mam. I know its such a bad timing but I am on a par. I am hopeful to do justice to my examination. I wish if can give up watching dramas too but it is going to be hard I guess. But I hope to give up like you one day. Take care n miss you mam!!

    2. Miss you too Tashi! Take care! ^^

  2. Ahh... finally you got it! Best of luck for your exam :)

    1. Thank you for reading my blog and your wishes too @ Choki Gyeltshen