Saturday, 12 December 2015

Colorful rainbow of my school life

Student life is something which teaches us so much about life and makes us fully prepared to function ourselves as a stable individual in life. Most of us have a lot to share about our school life regarding our friends, teachers, studies or schools which are the life-long memories entrapped within us. I too have lots of such things to share which I have experienced. Teachers are the bridge between us and the education. It’s very important that teachers are present in the class which glues us to the studies. I had a teacher in my high school, Ms Tshering Lhamo. She taught me computer applications for two years (classes IX and X). She is a teacher in the school who had given me so much during my school days beyond the usual school education.  Being a hard working student, it’s very important that our teacher sees our input in order to appreciate and encourage us to go higher in life. Miss Tshering has done this for me though she was not the in charge. I shared a classroom where most of the brilliant students were grouped in together and so it was very important for us to give our best in whatever we do but we get a different pushing force when a teacher supports and motivates us. Miss Tshering didn’t support me only, she was supportive to all the hardworking students in the school and she was loved a lot.
Miss Tshering Lhamo

She is an amazing teacher and it is evident from her teaching style only. She would be teaching in loud and audible voice (even if she is sick, her voice will never fail in doing its work to reach every student of the class). She would give us assignments and always make sure that our works are done on time. If a student in the class was lacking behind, she would spare some time on him or her so that the student is learning and making an equal progress with the rest of the students. She is mindful of student’s punctuality and sincerity. She would not mind in scolding students if we did something which is not expected. Whole of the class did the unit test very horrible in class IX which made her furious and she scolded the whole class showing her frustrations and disappointment. She would ensure that we had enough practice done for our practical examination and provide us as much help and guidance as possible from her side.

I was in class X when she selected me and a boy from my class to represent our school for the regional IT quiz competition (six schools participated from Paro and Haa Dzongkhags) to celebrate the World Telecommunication Day on 17th May 2009 with the theme “Protecting children in Cyberspace”. At first I was bit reluctant as I had not much idea about the theme. All I had in store was the basic contents of computer application I studied in IT subject (as part of the curriculum in the class) and there was not much knowledge in me about the telecommunication and that entire cyberspace thing. I was hesitant to represent my school but what made me feel safe was that the trust she portrayed in me. Her encouragement gave me the hope that I may be able to do it though I was very much unsure myself. When the day finally came, I remember Miss Tshering meeting me before the quiz started and told me, “If they ask you who created Microsoft application, say it’s Bill Gates. And all the best” She then padded on my shoulders. Those days, though I had finished studying Microsoft word and excel, I hardly knew that Bill Gates founded the Microsoft Corporation until Miss Tshering told me that day.

As the quiz competition started, we were introduced to various theme rounds. It wasn’t as I expected because apart from information and communication round, quiz masters brought in other rounds like cultural round, history round, environment round and games and sports round too. The competition started and I and my friend did a good job by answering most of the questions correctly and maintaining a good score at the end of every round. Most of our answers nailed the questions and we even managed to answer few questions passed on by other teams, earning us some extra points…hurray.  Due to this our school was leading in all the rounds and the rapid round (In this round, we were asked as much questions as possible in one minute) raced us farther from the other teams. In the information and telecommunication round, the question was thrown on the founder of Microsoft Corporation but unfortunately the question was given to Drugyel School which they answered correctly. I looked at Miss Tshering immediately and we exchanged smiles. That day seemed amazingly lucky for us as I had participated in quiz competition before also but it never happened that I produced such great scores. It all was due to the blessing from the Buddha and the trust of our teachers and the whole school. I was happy as we came far ahead of other teams and grabbed hold of the first position immediately. Drugyel High School was second but there was a huge score difference between us and them. Both I and my friend were awarded a Nokia mobile phone each and a certificate from the Ministry of Information and Communication. It felt great as our names were announced by the school principal in the next morning assembly congratulating and appreciating us for our victory. The achievement was mainly possible due to the trust and encouragement showed in me by my beloved Miss Tshering. It was never enough to thank her.

There are numerous times when I visited her place and stayed with her. She would be very much frank and I hardly felt she was my teacher though I respected her. She likes spicy food a lot and I can remember clearly where she will be cooking hot emadatsi and another chilli eazy separately. She would be eating around two kilograms of chillies every week. I was free and comfortable with her and I shared lots of my fears, worries and dreams I had then as an aspiring school student. She has been very much supportive throughout the academic session.
There was a time when I was hospitalized where she came to see me in the hospital and I was very much touched to see her bring me boiled milk. Such memories never fade away and it always makes me feel good and bring smile on my face. Though she didn’t teach me after class X, she was still very much supportive and frequently inquired about my studies. She had supported me financially knowing my broke condition all of the time. She used to tell me frequently, "Tashi, I am going to town. Tell me if you need anything?" I cannot forget those memories ever. 

Soon, I got the news that she would be leaving for the Netherlands for her masters studies within few months. It was a good thing that she was going for her studies and sad too as we would be departing for some time. She assured me that I need not worry as Mam Kuenga, her closest friend would help me and if I faced any problem, I can openly tell her anytime. Mam Kuenga was my sister’s teacher and she had been also too much supportive to both me and my sister. I knew that Mam Kuenga would show me her best part. She was no less than Miss Tshering who helped me a lot with any sort of problems I had during the rest of my stay in the school. She provided me supports (financially and emotionally) and she would check on me after my examination. I still remember going to her with a very stupid problem I faced for some time and she took my problem seriously and helped me a lot. She was busy sparing her precious time on me, making calls to her known friends to clear (get some info) things on my issue and most importantly, telling me time and again, “Don’t worry Tashi. It will be alright” I know if it was any other person in her place, they wouldn’t have done what she did because I have realized that the problem was very much silly and stupid. I myself would have surely ignored if I was in her place. But she didn’t and those moments seem very much special as and when I recall and relive it every time because it’s worth cherishing.
Mam Kuenga with her husband

Heavy studies in class XII with great pressure of my exams were a stressful situation on me and it was not too soon when I found myself next to Mam Kuenga seeking her guidance and help. She provided me great tips for a smart study which made my mind calm down into peace. Mam Kuenga was the career counselor of our school and all the students in my school would agree with me on this note that when she provided counseling to the students, it would be a great wonder the way she would stir up our mind with positive thoughts. All her words would be true and we would get a real feeling of our complete senses motivating us to be better in our lives, do well and think positive. She was ultimately a source of strong positive energy in our school as everybody coming out after her counseling had a mind-set done to accomplish something and make positive changes in their lives.
Miss Tshering and Mam Kuenga
They are the besties

I am not saying that I was a special or best student to them but they always made me feel special with such heart-touching gestures they showed on a student like me. Mam Kuenga and Miss Tshering were the first persons to whom I shared the news that I got the scholarship after my class XII because I felt they truly deserved to know that. I do consider myself as lucky to have met teachers like them as now in the college, life isn’t the same and sometimes I miss them. But this is how things should go as I always cannot expect their support. My school life has been amazing; especially my high school where teachers like them had been more than just teachers’ specifically marking my School life as Golden Life. Rightly said that teachers are our second parent because they taught me how we should lead a humble life. Of course my parents too were supportive and caring but there was something lacking when it came to the understanding part mainly due to the generation gap and Mam Kuenga and Miss Tshering had covered up that loophole, showering me a complete package of affection and support altogether which was very much required for a budding individual. I know my life would have been something different if these two angels were not there in my life. My heart is full of their greatness and not only them, there are other teachers too who had great genuine concern and care for me. Teachers are great and I have witnessed the greatness in them.


  1. Wow, lucky you Tashi to be guided by two wonderful persons in your school's life! Maybe they were your parents from your previous life or Guru. I'm happy for you and that's what made you today. Yeah, sometimes I forgot that only the hardworking and intelligent students that managed to study outside Bhutan as sponsored by the government and you are one of them :)

    I hope your friendship with them last forever! Take care and have a safe journey back Tashi! :)

    1. I have been very lucky indeed to have them in my life. I can never forget them. I too consider to have a good karmic connection with them.

      Thank you and I am home safely. Have a great week!