Wednesday, 27 January 2016

My happiness

I had been dreaming of having a sweet niece from the time I knew my sister was pregnant with her first child. I was not doing any sort of sex discrimination but it was a choice I made from the two sexes. But on 16 January 2016, exactly at 10.25 PM, I received a nephew crying as soon as he came out from mother’s womb. After his first cry, he became silent and I was just watching him from far with immense happiness and joy. After few minutes of his delivery only, the nurse was putting blankets on him and I assisted her in doing that. It was there that he unintentionally hit my back palm with his right hand. The touch was extremely gentle. I looked at him immediately and his expression and gentle touch conveyed me the ever first message from him, “Huh…You wanted a niece?” My heart sank and I fell in love with him instantly. I slowly moved ahead and touched his little cheek with my fingers but I couldn’t say a word. The happiness of receiving someone so cute in our life is priceless. My eyes were drained into the tears of joy.

When I first held him into my arms to carry him to his mom, my hands acted amazingly strong and protective for this little life. His cute little eyes slowly opened and I prepared my smiling face for him. He was then placed on his mother’s lap to feed him. His mouth was extremely tiny that we had a tough time inserting the nipple. The things which gave me happiness was nothing else than watching him sleep peacefully, changing his nappy, carrying him in my arms and kissing him countless. The world seemed perfect with these things. Whenever he cried, my mind got disturbed and had to attend him anyhow.
cutie pie

After being in hospital for two nights, we reached back home. We don’t buy anything for baby before delivery except for few blankets and so that evening, we went to market to buy some stuff for our new family member. We reached a baby store and bought his cosmetics, bathing tub, more blankets, socks and some clothing. Seriously, shopping for him was more fun and satisfying than doing it for myself.  

some of his stuff

I got to stay with this sweetheart only for four nights and then returned back to my college. On the morning of the day I was leaving, I took him into my arms and looked at him. Soon I realized that my heart became completely heavy and my voice was breaking while talking to him, filling up both my eyes. It was sure that I would miss him like anything. Love you my darling nephew Minjur!!!


  1. Hey glad that you managed to see your nephew while you were there in Bhutan. 4 nights were better than nothing and after some time you'll be able to meet him again! :)

    All baby is so cute and precious. Please convey my happy wishes to your sister la! Wish the baby will grow up healthily and happy with an aunt like you by his side! :)

    Love, Rima :)

    1. Thank you for your wishes and prayers mam. I couldn't be happier than this. Take care

  2. Happy Congratulation to your Sister Tashi and the cutie pie is cuteness overloaded. May he be all of your dreams. You got an aesthetic blog. Keep writing. Hope you're doing great. Always do great. Regards. Cheers. Take Care. :)

  3. Thank you so much Ugyen Tenzin for your visit to my blog and kind words to my cute nephew. I am doing good and i hope the same from you too. Wish you the best and yeah..Take care too.

    Enjoy your weekend!