Sunday, 11 October 2015

They are my proud parents

It was around 6 pm and I was about to have the tea presented to me by my friend Beena, that my phone started ringing displaying the picture of my beautiful mom. My mother was calling me from Paro. Ohh, has been a long time, I told to myself. I received the call.

“How are you?” she said
“I am good”
“So what are you doing?”
“Nothing as such. I am about to drink tea. What about you?”
“I am just at home like this and wanted to talk to you.”
“Okay. So how is apa?”
“Ahh… Don’t ask me about your apa. He is so ridiculous. You won’t know what he did?”
“What he did?”
“He left for Thimphu today suddenly without telling me. I said I will go there day after tomorrow. But today while I was not here at home, he left without saying anything to me. When I reached back home, the house was locked and he was not here. When I called him, he told me that he was on his way to Thimphu.”
I was surprised to hear this. So I directly asked her,”Why?”
“From the last few days, Tashi Dema has been telling us that she is having bad dreams every night. And these days Kinga is also not there with her as she had some other urgency. So she is all alone there. Your apa was worried that she is all alone and didn’t want to leave her alone. So he went there.”
“Ohh…Okay. So you are alone now?”
“I am fine here. It’s okay. “

Our conversation continued for few minutes then, talking about the conditions over there and sharing some about here too. After the call ended, I shared about my apa’s doings with my friends and they were laughing a lot because I know what my apa did was sort of funny too. He was worried that my sister will be all alone there and moreover the wild dreams she was having been not much of a good sign either. Actually, on the scale of a father, he did the correct thing and I would describe him being very cute in his actions. He has always and always made sure that his kids never suffer in life. Though I admit that he may not have bought us the best toys in the world but he made sure that we are not left away without one. He always gave best at his own level.

Later that evening, I talked with him. He told me that he didn’t want to leave my sister alone because she needed to have someone by her side. That’s why, it was important for him to go there. Well, he is right there. Though he may not have carried us for nine months like our mother but he has carried us on his back numerous times till the time we could walk properly ourselves. He may not have fed us on his milk but he has brought us all the edible stuffs I have had so far. I know mothers are great to give birth to us but fathers are also equally responsible for our birth, childhood and at a larger scale, our life too.
Apa, Tandin Dorji(my nephew), Ama


  1. Wow!!! First of all, congratulations for creating your own blog!!! I'm glad that you finally did it!

    As for your first post, your father is a great father ya! Good that he is yours. But please, don't tell him you're having nightmares too or otherwise he will go to Delhi and stay with you the next day like what he did today hahaha... So, keep writing Tashi! I would love to read more of your thoughts and stories! Take care! :)

    1. Thank you so much mam and i frankly confess here that you encouraged me in many way to be able to write today. I hope to progress more now with your guidance.

      yeah.. actually my father acts bit mad when it comes to us, his kids. I will never tell him that I have nightmares....haha.
      I thank you specially for you are the first person to visit my blog. It means a lot to me. kadinchey la!

    2. It's my honor to be the first person to visit your blog la... hahaha.... Well, I am happy being able to help you. If there is anything I can help, feel free to ask. Take care! :)

    3. I shall always knock you if i get anything to be cleared. Thank you. take care too!

  2. Finally! Welcome to blogging and hope you enjoy the journey.And such a nice start with the blessings from your parents.It's lovely.Remember, it's no coincidence that your first post happened to be of your parents.Keep going.

    1. Thank you so much and a big chunk of thanks goes to you also for inspiring me a lot till now. Yeah i couldn't start better than writing about my beloved parents. I shall keep going with your support la. Thank you for reading my first blog. It means a lot to me.

  3. wow tashi... m happy to see that u started ur blog about ur parents and your appreciation to their grt love and care for you. all the best in this journey of blogging tashi and wishing to see more.:)

    1. Thank you so much dear Yangki...i wish to write more too and hope you will enjoy my writing. Thank you for reading it.