Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Samazingkha Mass Tree Plantation

By the end of the 15th National Graduates Orientation Program, graduates volunteered for a mass tree plantation to pay our humble tributes to HRH Gyalsay, parents and teachers. The Ministry of Agriculture and Forest fully supported and alloted the Samazingkha Agro-Forestry Project Area with more than 1000 tree saplings. On 21st of August 2016, hundreds of graduates gathered at Samazingkha and got at least two to four saplings each.

My friend Sonam Choki and I were two such volunteers wanting to contribute towards our beautiful environment. I got two saplings and searched for a good place to plant my seed of humble tribute. The sun was at its best with the brightest sunshine and heated us with no mercy.

We started our work as we reached the spot. A gentleman nearby helped us tremendously with the digging of holes for us.
Sonam at work

With the plantation, we laid our own prayers and wishes to our beloved teachers who brought us this far in life, our loving parents who had shown unprecedented support during all endeavours of life and yes, to our Gyalsay who has given us immense joy and happiness from the day he was born. Let the two trees I have planted be healthy and greatly contribute to the environment, benefitting all living beings on earth. I know as the tree transform day by day, all it will do is to help us in many ways. It's after so many years that I have done a tree plantation and I seriously felt contented to see myself planting trees. There couldn't have been any better way to conclude the 15th NGOP for we have been told by the guest speaker to be the special graduates of a special year in special Bhutan. All I hope is to plant so many trees in the future too.