Friday, 8 July 2016

Back to Paro

School is a complete package of our childhood memories where we go through so many things learning a lot in the meanwhile. I can describe my school as a huge basket of adventures which made me ready for my life and those little adventures I had in school are all unforgettable.
Hello Paro!

It was a fine cloudy day (Tuesday; 5th July) at Paro when i decided to return to Thimphu that me along with my friends Kezang and Gyeltshen uninamously agreed to make a short visit to our temple of learning and experience which we left 4 years ago. It was a good opportunity as the school was on mid term break.
After 4 years!

We got into those feelings of going to school just like few years back as soon as the school gate welcomed us. Everything was same and we got that sense of belongingness because we were once a part of this giant family.
As beautiful as ever!

The school mission and school vision which was enshrined on the notice board near the entrance of the school office was as perfect as ever. The huge Lha Dhar signifying the well being of the whole school was waving gently in the cool breeze. And yeah not to forget the legacy of my sister’s batch: the two fountains before the library building was completely enthralling. The best thing of my school is the it’s beautiful surrounding which is decorated with all the greenaries.
School buildings 

And during the summer, the colorful roses around  the office and academic blocks makes my school no less than a heaven. The bright statue of Jetsun Jampelyang-the God of wisdom, is installed on a height raised above the ground and this is where hundreds of knowledge-seeking students pray daily to bless them with wisdom and knowledge.
As 12 B of 2012

When we stepped towards our classroom block, we said that we feel as if we have never moved away from that place. We peeked through the windows into the class and pointed to our own seats. The class was not cleaned and I am sure it was same case during our time also. Around the campus,  we kept exploring trying to detect any kind of change. We even scanned the school notice boards and figured out so many happenings in the school.
Touring the campus 
Seen around the campus 

The basketball court and football ground was wholly occupied by players. Flowers and hibiscus trees made the nature look at her best. Inspirational quotations and rhyming words made the learning environment truly a source of positive energy for great achievements in life.

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