Sunday, 28 January 2018

Reckless on the roads

I often wonder how easy our lives have become. With the changing time we have come a long way and we managed to get rid of all the complicated and time-consuming things our grandfathers had faced in their days. Our histories talks about the hardships of our forefathers which if given to us at these days we can do it within no time with the least efforts.

But it's not the only side of the coin. There is another side which seems very ugly and destroying to us. Technologies have taken a considerable impact on our lives. One of the most advanced technologies we all are well adapted is the motor vehicle. Yes our cars and buses and motor bikes which are designed by huge brains to provide us comfort while saving our precious time. But this technology has taken the lead in taking away the young lives. Yes and not only young lives but of any age. If lives are not taken, victims are often left crippled for life completely helpless and pathetic.

There is something we need to analyze here: Is it really the technology that is taking the lives of our beloved people? And sadly we realize it isn't. It is not the technology. The thrill and temptations we have at our young age to experience speeds on the highway can be one killer. Sometimes our complacency blinds us. I wonder if all the people who are driving on the roads  think that it is their lives that are in the basket and how careful they have to be with it, perhaps we would hear less of road accidents.

The vehicle has been designed to help us and save our time not to destroy our lives or take away our time on this earth.

P.S This is  my random thought I am sharing as lately one of my old classmates lost his blooming life in a car accident. And a month ago a senior of mine at work lost both of his parents in a tragic accident. At my work place too I see so many casualties resulted from reckless driving by the youngsters and it has always been bothering me because we can drive safely and avoid such mishaps if we can think strong mentally. Say NO to drink driving and speeds.

Friday, 5 January 2018

Welcome 2018

Well! 2017 is over. And I am glad I had a wonderful year compared to 2016 (a lot better). So many good things happened and I had the least idea of how the year came to an end.

Perhaps the signs have been very clear since the beginning when I voluntarily stepped up for something my heart told me to do. I take pride in that ice-breaking decision of mine.

I have spent a lot time in the Emergency Department of JDWNRH which is the apex hospital in Bhutan doing my attachment. It was really a lovely experience working and gaining experiences almost every day. It’s now that I can understand why working experience count in working field.

So many things happened in this one year and I am happy of all the good things that happened with me, while I take lessons from my pitfalls and shortcomings. I did my BCSE (RCSC) this year and I am so glad to say that my results were good. My career has finally started which is a good thing. But that isn’t it because EMS system in Bhutan is very young. And we are the first EMROs (Emergency Medical Response Officer) in Bhutan. So definitely loads of works are due for me and my other EMRO friends.

I met so many people in 2017. And it has been pleasure knowing such wonderful souls. I am blessed to have one important person who woke me up from my sleep of ignorance and set me on the right track. I can see all the positive changes in myself after I have decided to be under his compassionate guidance. I need to mention one more special person I met this year and since the time I met him, life has become very lively and beautiful. I never knew I would enjoy such good times in life with a person who is so close to my heart.

2017 has been a great year and I wish 2018 to be even better than this. Happy New Year!!