Friday, 5 January 2018

Welcome 2018

Well! 2017 is over. And I am glad I had a wonderful year compared to 2016 (a lot better). So many good things happened and I had the least idea of how the year came to an end.

Perhaps the signs have been very clear since the beginning when I voluntarily stepped up for something my heart told me to do. I take pride in that ice-breaking decision of mine.

I have spent a lot time in the Emergency Department of JDWNRH which is the apex hospital in Bhutan doing my attachment. It was really a lovely experience working and gaining experiences almost every day. It’s now that I can understand why working experience count in working field.

So many things happened in this one year and I am happy of all the good things that happened with me, while I take lessons from my pitfalls and shortcomings. I did my BCSE (RCSC) this year and I am so glad to say that my results were good. My career has finally started which is a good thing. But that isn’t it because EMS system in Bhutan is very young. And we are the first EMROs (Emergency Medical Response Officer) in Bhutan. So definitely loads of works are due for me and my other EMRO friends.

I met so many people in 2017. And it has been pleasure knowing such wonderful souls. I am blessed to have one important person who woke me up from my sleep of ignorance and set me on the right track. I can see all the positive changes in myself after I have decided to be under his compassionate guidance. I need to mention one more special person I met this year and since the time I met him, life has become very lively and beautiful. I never knew I would enjoy such good times in life with a person who is so close to my heart.

2017 has been a great year and I wish 2018 to be even better than this. Happy New Year!!

Sunday, 17 December 2017

Moments with you - part II

There are people for whom we need to make an extra effort. And sometimes even that extra effort fall short and we eventually end up giving up on him/her.
It was the last time we met in the cafe. Its been more than two years and missing him has never lessened. I knew he flew to Europe for he had his father there. Nothing has been heard of him then. But I hope he is doing fine and had found a purpose in life. I gave up on him and he too did the same.

Surprise has hit me to the core after so many years as I saw him back in Bhutan at the craft village with a foreigner lady who I suppose was either his wife or girlfriend. He really did move ahead happily.
“I think I should listen to you and mother to marry and settle in life”, I told my father that night. My father was really delighted with my decision and soon I found my mother showering me with so many kisses to express how happy she was. They had always wanted me to marry.  
Within a week, my mother was successful in finalizing a man for me.
Tandin is Lhaden’s nephew. And I know about the whole family and his childhood. He is a perfect match for you.” My mother pointed out so proudly. Aunty Lhaden was my mother’s best friend and she has seen me grow up. Yes, perhaps he was a perfect match for me.

After three months of my marriage to Tandin, I was transferred to Pema Gatshel. Tandin too applied for a transfer with me. My parents were right about Tandin as he has been a very caring and understanding husband for me. All those bad days had gone and I knew a new friend in life.

Fate brought me to this point that in Pema Gatshel my history unfolded as Gyel was running his father’s mining company there. And to my utter disappointment that foreigner lady I saw with him was his friend from Frankfurt whom he was taking on sightseeing in Thimphu.
“You seem to be happy with him. I am happy with my money. We both are happy in life. Let’s celebrate this tonight. Come to my place with your husband.” Gyel said. Gyel successfully convinced Tandin and that night we were at his house in the fake celebration, carrying the rough smiles ever.

As days turned into months, our realizations were hard to hide. Tandin came to know everything and he couldn’t be that perfect ideal husband. All he saw in me was my longing for Gyel and my wish to stay happily with the man I loved. And one fine day Tandin broke off all those snares and set me free to be with my man.

It has been my fate and even my parents couldn’t win against this mighty fate. Both of our parents burnt into anger when they heard about us but the storm settled soon. We overcame all barriers and decided to stay with each other forever.