Sunday, 15 May 2016

My College Days

It is hard to imagine that 2016 has scrolled in and my college life is over. All of my graduating friends seemed really emotional at the farewell of the Bhutanese Hamdard family. We all realized very clearly that we are going to miss a lot of things and we will cherish the beautiful memories forever. Fate is something no one can predict and it was all fate that brought us together here in this unknown place where we all became close friends, living like a family.

Graduating students

Here are some of the best memories in snapshots I would love to recall.

I had so many great times with my friends...
Initial days of my life here

I still remember our first losar together with cockfights and dart competition...2014 losar
Felt really like at home

Worlds of Wonder at Noida for second day of losar 2014

Adventurous day at WoW

Going home for the first time with so much of excitement but sadly met with a 10 hours delayed train
At the old Delhi railway station waiting for Mahananda Express

Representing Bhutan at the Rendezvous 2014...we rocked that night

Festival of colors...Holi celebration with Bangladeshi sisters: Labiba and Shoma
First time holi celebration at hostel

Blessed Rainy Day 2014...Thruebab

Yangki and I ventured for a two day trip to Chandigarh independently...September 2014
Moments from the Chandigarh trip
Like in schools in Bhutan, we joined Bhutanese community in Delhi during the celebration of His Majesty Jigme Singye Wangchuk's 59th Birth Anniversary at Royal Bhutanese Embassy

Joining the national celebration

We always enjoyed going and having delicious Bhutanese food at Embassy canteen
United we stand, divided we fall

In another national celebration of His  Majesty's 35th Birth Anniversary at RBE, 2015
happiness and joy being a Bhutanese

We marked the 60th Birth Anniversary of the greart Druk Gyalpo in our own way: Midnight celebration with cake and joining the celebration at Embassy

Long Live Our Great Fourth King

With the happiest news of the royal Birth, the 36th Birth Anniversary of His Majesty was a great occasion for a grand celebration

With friends around, birthdays celebration became quiet a normal thing...
Few snaps from my birthday celebrations

Mahatma Gandhi...the great soul. Had a simple gathering and lunch on Gandhi Jayanti (October 2)

My hilarious classmates...enjoyed being with them

This unknown and strange city has given a lot of things during my stay here...will miss this noisy place a lot
Thank you Delhi for accommodating me


  1. First of all congratulations for finally finishing your study dear Tashi! :) It has been a long journey for you and your college friends. All of you have created many sweet memories throughout your life there.

    I can relate your feeling upon departing the place soon and separated with your friends. However Bhutan is a small country and you can easily get connected through Internet. All of you can still meet up and create more unforgettable memories again although by that time, it would be another phase of life.

    I wish you all for safe journey back to Bhutan and pass the government's exam, settle down with stable job as per you wished.

    Take care Tashi!

    Love, Rima :)

    1. Thank you so much mam. It was indeed a long journey but didn't know how it came this far. We hope we can meet in Bhutan too and remember so many things. Thank u for ur wishes too mam.

      Have a great week!!

  2. Congratulation for successfully completing your long educational journey. I can say that is one of the moments where one can realize how far one has come and who had rendered helps along the journey.

    Tashi Delek. You are now a marketable product!

    1. Thank you ata for ur wishes. Yeah it is one of the best memories with so many realisations. will be a hard time for this product soon in market!!

    2. Tashi, nurse is in high demand everywhere in the world. You can even come to Singapore to work you know ;)

    3. Yes mam. Actually most of the health professions has demand overseas but it would be good if I could stay in Bhutan only with my family. But i would love to work in a place like Singapore. Anyways let's see what is in the store for me. BTW I am EMT, not nurse mam..Hehe

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  4. Hullo! Sis Tashi, congrats for your successful life. And I hope you won't mind me commenting. After reading your feelings it let me to even foresee my life after 2 years with my distinct friends.It do kept me emotional. It will be very sad. Till then I got to say your post are splendiferous.

    1. Hi Tenzin. I am thankful and happy for going through my post and I seriously don't mind at all. I tell you college life with your lovely friends are the best moments where you have lots of fun aNd gain lots of knowledge too.

      Thank you once again for your visit to my writing and I wish you all the best for the endeavours ahead in life.

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