Sunday, 10 April 2016

The right for our Air Conditioner

With the advent of heat in Delhi, April first week was like a movie trailer of the upcoming summer months, i.e. June and July. Those first few days of April tortured all the Delhi people, especially like me who isn’t adapted to heat and moreover the AC in my hostel room was out of service. Heat made us all restless and completely peace less even during our sleep. The only electronic fan in the room was in service for 24 hours a day, yet me and my roommate suffered.
It was since March first week that I was circulating around our hostel supervisor to do the maintenance of our AC because I knew they would definitely take few weeks to do it for the whole hostel rooms. And as expected, they did for some and left some of the rooms, and unfortunately our room was also left. They didn’t maintain even when the April month started. That was a great irresponsibility from these people.

When the heat became too much in April, I went to the hostel supervisor again and complained her about the AC maintenance but she was asking me to pay Rs.400. Me and my roommate, Yangki talked and decided to pay but my Nigerian friend, Hafsa was telling us not to pay because she didn’t pay for her AC maintenance.  We found her reasonable and decided to talk to our warden. The warden also just assured us that she is putting up the proposition and it will take few days. We thought to wait for few days more. A week later, nothing concrete came from the supervisor or warden, so me and Yangki went to the maintenance department and complained there. The person there again asked us to wait for two more days for the work to be done. And two days passed with no response from any concerned people.

I became completely frustrated and went back to the department again but the man there narrated so many stories about the non-payment to the AC Company for last year’s service also and for that I have to talk to the Registrar. The next day, we again went to the department to see if they can do anything, if not we were fully prepared to go to the Registrar and Provost. There was no one in the office and we had to wait for more than an hour outside waiting for them. Finally the electrical department head showed up and took our matter seriously. He immediately made a call to the AC service provider to do the maintenance, providing him our room number. He then assured us that it will be done within 2-3 days.

We reached back to our hostel with some expectations. The man called that evening saying that the work will be done within the weekends. The next day, Saturday our AC service was done successfully and we no longer dwelled in the heat. We were so happy that we were dancing as and when the coolness filled our room…haha


  1. It was last month I have travelled to Phuntsholing and heat there nearly roasted me alive. I cannot think of being down there in Delhi during these times of the year. Luckily you have got the AC re-serviced after so many rounds of follow-ups. Hope otherwise everything is fine with you. Takecare

    1. Now all are fine. Yeah heat is something else here especially in summer months. Thank you and take care too ata!!