Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Girls too love football

Football has been a great topic of discussion in Bhutan these days as we have so many matches played by the Bhutanese National Football Team for 2018 FIFA World Cup to be held in Russia.
Bhutan Vs Hong Kong (Home)

As girls we don't take much interest in such matches but when it comes our national team, we too don't back off now. So there was second match, Bhutan Vs Hong Kong (Home) played at the Changlimithang stadium, Thimphu. We, the three girls (Me, Yangki and Beena) sat around the lenevo laptop and opened the live streaming link to watch the match.
We were late and already three to four minutes passed since the match started. Both the teams were at nil. As there was a very heavy rainfall in Thimphu, the players were all drained into the rain but excitement from us and energy from the players ruled out everything.

Yangki, me and Beena were shouting a lot as and when the football reached our post and we were unknowingly banging on the pillow we were holding each. But most of the time, the great goalkeeper of Bhutan, Hari used to act on time and save the goal. By the time Hari saved the goal, we would resume our breathing process and then only we came to realise that we had been shouting a lot. We would then look at eachother and laugh at ourselves.
Bhutanese football fans cheering

Bhutanese football fans surrounded the stadium in yellow and orange, hosting the national flag. We wished if we were present there too.

Sitting around the laptop, we were busy commenting on the players to pass the ball right or pass to left, shoot to the post, jump, run... I know it was very bad of us to comment on them but it was all due to our expectation from the national team, no hard feeling for anyone particularly. But one is for sure that not only me but everyone who watched today's match would agree that this time Bhutanese team was no more the same team Hong Kong had played in June during their home match. Dragon boys (Bhutanese team) provided great and amazing defense this time.

Our heart rate increased several times whenever we saw ball in and around the post and goal keeper Hari, anytime Hong Kong was given a corner (HK team got lots of corners and they scored their only goal from one of the corners only) or if HK got any free kick. We were fully aware that HK team is far more better than our dragon boys and our only wish during the whole match was to save the goal which the goal keeper Hari and other players did very smartly. We loved the way dragon boys gave such great resistance to HK team today. Goalkeeper Hari was the highlight of today's match and we loved his tactics to save several goals.
Hari...we call you Hero

He jumped along with this tall HK player to save the goal

Usually in our block of this hostel, the neighboring Nigerain hostellers would shout and scream a lot but for the first time, the screams evolved from the silent room of the two Bhutanese girls in our hostel. We didn't hesitate a bit as we knew we didn't do this every time because we won't have such matches everyday. All that was intended by us was to support our dragon boys and we did it.

Though Bhutan lost the match (Bhutan 0:1 Hong Kong), we all do appreciate what those young and budding dragon footballers did to make us proud. They played and won the hearts and that's the best reward ever.
Royal Couple during their wedding anniversary in 2011

As today, Bhutan celebrates the 4th wedding anniversary of our Fifth dragon King Jigme Khesar Namgyal Wangchuk and Jetsun Pema, we strongly believe that it was due this special occasion and the blessings from their majesties that Bhutanese dragon boys provided such rough resistance against the giant Hong Kong. Long Live their Majesties and Palden Drukpa Gyalo!! 


  1. Hahaha... Nice description of all your excitement from the football match! I could imagine the loud scream by three of you there! Glad that you enjoyed and Happy 4th Wedding Anniversary to your King and Queen :)

    1. Thank you mam and yes the match was very interesting to watch which gave us a reason to scream after such long time! Hahaha

    2. Oh how I wish I was there screaming together with you gals! ;D

    3. I would love to see that part of you mam...,,screaming and shouting till our ear hurts!

  2. Well... it was beautifully described.
    though we lost the game but it will be historic.
    losing with 1goal with hong kong, it is unexpected for all of us, coz in first league we lost 7 and 0.
    i can see improvement and confident in team.
    we belive you..dargon boys.

    1. Yup Bhutanica, it is a great achievement for us to have lost with such narrow margins. It was historic indeed.
      Thank you for visiting my blog. It means a lot to me.

  3. Great blog!
    Would you like to support each other by following each other´s blog? ^_^

    Et Omnia Vanitas

  4. Beautiful post dear! Wonderfully described... I am a huge fan of football as well?? I did the same on that very day! Dragon boys are off to China now [Bhutan vs China
    Kick-off: 5:35 (BST)]
    enjoy hard hehe... I am craving for this match :)... I hope they will do their best. BTW, do u play football?? hehe just asking :P
    I do play football… Keep writing :) :)
    Greetings from Trongsa :)

    1. Thank you so much for reading my blog as it means a lot to a newcomer like me. I don't play football but i do love to watch the matches. Glad to hear that you play football. And thank you for the info about today's match against China. I too have been waiting for this match.
      Warm regards
      Take care!!