Wednesday, 14 October 2015

We met again!!!

 My friend Kezang  Dema (studying B. Psychology at Webster University) left a message for me asking about the reunion of our class 12 classmates. I called her when I got the time later on (as I was bit busy) so that I could talk properly.
“Yes Kezang. Reunion?” I confirmed
“Yeah. Pema Wangchuk is planning a reunion for all of our classmates, so let’s go Tashi.
“Okay but when is the date?”
“1st of July”
Ohh, then I don’t think I can make it as I have some work here”
If you are not coming then, I am also not going there.” Kezang had been a very close friend of mine who knows very well to nag me by laying so many conditions. But I love her for this. I gave myself a faint smile and asked her, “Really?”
She adamantly said, “Yes”
“Okay, if I can make it, I will be there. If not please don’t mind.”
“No Tashi, I am serious. If you are not going, I am also not going.”
“Okay Kezang. I will try my best and I will let you know soon. Hopefully I may be there.”
I was having internship and on the 1st of July, I had to submit my report and reimbursement form at the Scholarship office. I was hopeful that the work will be done soon so that I could go for the reunion that evening. I wasn’t sure enough if I would be able to reach Paro on time and moreover there was no one with my sister at night if I went to Paro.

On the morning of July 1st, Kezang called me and told me that she is heading for Thimphu and we shall go together to Paro that afternoon. I went to the scholarship office with my friends and did all the work I was supposed to do and by 2 pm, everything was done. I met Kezang across the Chang Lam and we both got into the taxi. It was 4.30 pm when we reached Paro town and the time mentioned was 5 pm. We went around book stores for few minutes.

We both walked towards the children park in Paro town and were happy to see our two beautiful classmates: Tshering Wangmo (studying B. Agriculture in Dehradun) and Tsheyang Choden (Studying B. Life Science in Sherubtse) waiting for us and the rest. Was pleasant meeting them after more than two long years. Few minutes later, Pema Wangchuk who was the organizer of the reunion and our ex-class captain walked on with Jigme Yoeser with the smiling faces. Pema Wangchuk is studying B. Tech in Kolkata and Jigme Yoeser is also studying B. Tech in CST. Soon another beautiful lady joined us and she was Punam Ghalley (studying B.Ed in SCE). I have been in touch with her and we met up very often during our vacations. Another ex-class captain joined us minutes later, Tshering Pelden (studying MBBS in Chittagong, Bangladesh) whom we all call Kuchu. I had good contact with her too and met up during our vacations. Sushma joined us soon and her shy nature was still the same. Five guys walked in then: Namgay Wangchuk, Pemba Gyeltshen and Tshering Dhendup (all studying in CST), Jigme Yeshey (studying B. Tech in Chennai) and Khandu Wangchuk (studying in RIHS, Thimphu). They all seemed a bit hesitated to come near the girls at the beginning. But we had been classmates for two years and we know a lot about each other though they might have changed a bit.
Cheers for all our friends

We all headed to a restaurant nearby and got seated joining the tables together. Teas were served soon and the class 12 science B of 2012 was back with those 14 lovely faces sitting together and talking to each other. Guys started cracking belly tickling jokes and we girls started laughing exactly the same way we did two years back in a classroom of Shari High School. We might have forgotten the way each one of us was back then but those moments together made us remember a lot of funny, stupid and mischievous things we did as friends and as whole class too. Back there in the high school, we were told by all the teachers that our class was the worst in the school and our subject teachers and class teacher were totally sick of us by the end of the academic session. It used to be quiet a normal thing for us to hear our class’ name in the morning assembly with various complains and warnings.” Boys do all the mischievous things and girls support the boys, encouraging them more” was common line heard by our class while we were scolded by the teachers.
Red Wine

Though it was not good torturing our teachers in the high school, the adventurous memories we collected was something which was worthy and we loved that. Takin, a very famous red wine in Bhutan was ordered and I was forced to taste my first shot of wine. All the classmates tossed takin wine for the wonderful evening we were enjoying with our beloved ones. Talks continued about various experiences and often making fun of each other and laughing. Photos were clicked on with different poses. We got a plenty of time to interact with each other and know closely how each one of us was doing in our life.
Long awaited dinner

Dinner was served after waiting for a long time and most of us were hungry by then. Shakam datshi, ema datshi, mixed vegetable curry, along with rice, dal and salad were served. After the dinner, we all went to the basketball court near the Gadhen Cinema Hall in Paro town. All of us sat down making a circle and went on with our talks, mainly teasing and making fun of each other. In the school days too, there was no boundary of joke among us and same applied that day where nothing stopped us from thinking twice before passing any nasty comments on each other. A very popular game, (hangkey koni) among the Bhutanese kids was played that night and many people got different kinds of punishments according to the rule. I was asked to do the “Gangnam style step” which was bit tough for me. Namgay Wangchuk was asked to do pushups the first time and he got his second punishment to carry Jigme Yeshey and make a round. Jigme Yoeser, Pemba Gyeltshen and Khandu Wangchuk were asked to write their names in the air with the movement of their butt and this was kuchu aka Tshering Pelden’s idea. Pema Wangchuk was also asked to do a moon walk as far as I can recollect now. I don’t remember all the details of what happened.
Namgay Wangchuk carried Jigme Yeshey

Fun moments went on and all of us wished if the time stopped there and never move ahead. No one was in a mood to go home and wanted to stay there for sometime enjoying the togetherness but the time came where we had to head to our respective homes. It was 10.30 pm and as we loitered around the streets of Paro town in a group of fourteen, most of the shops were closed indicating us to go home too. We took several snapshots together capturing the moment for the profound memories. And finally we exchanged our hugs and best wishes.

Fun moments with the classmates

Half of the class didn’t turn up for the reunion but we are certain that most of them couldn’t come due to some other important work. We missed all of those who didn’t come that evening but we hope we will be able to see them one day in the future. 


  1. Nice gathering to remember the good 'ol days! The different was the Takin wine that you sipped there for the first time ;) haha... Kidding :P But talking about Takin, I love it ya! At first I found it too sweet but now loving it! Perhaps that helped in making my life sweeter :P

    Keep posting Tashi! I know you are such a good and loyal friend to have. Hope your friends are grateful having you as their friends! ^^

    So, take care and have a wonderful evening La! :)

    1. Thank you Rima mam. I didn't like that takin wine much but glad to hear that you are loving it now. Thank you for your kind words too mam. You too take care and thanks for visiting my blog. Its a great encouragement!

  2. I ve read it twice now though i don't like reading much. We had good time together that night n moreover m glad u came up with this writing Tashi. It feels it happened yesterday. Thank you and keep up with your writing skill. Wish u success

    1. Thank you Yoeser for reading it. seems very much memorable and we shall create it in the future too.
      Take care and thank you!!!