Friday, 16 October 2015

Celebrating my day!!

It was almost 12 am, when my friend Beena dragged me out of my room and asked me to stay there at the balcony. A senior friend, Thinley Chenzom was with me having a view at the busy Sangam Vihar and the still busy road with so many vehicles.

I come from a very simple family where birthdays are not celebrated that often though we know its meaning. During my school days too, I would treat my friends with lunch or dinner and that was all I did for my birthday. And during my first year of college, I didn’t tell anyone about my birthday and so it was a normal day that year. But in the second year of my college, Yangki and Yangzom surprised me at 12 am by pouring in with cakes, balloons, gifts and wishes. It was the first time, I ever cut a cake and it meant a lot to me. It was a total surprise for me as I really didn’t expect them to initiate it for they both were having exams. They both pretended so well about not knowing anything and telling me that they have got lots to study for exams. I was very close to tears that day. These two girls have left an unforgettable print on my life by surprising me on my birthday eve. We had been very close friends since the beginning of the college days though we belonged to different faculties. This beautiful friendship I have had with them will be my greatest pride of college life. I love both of you!
Memories a year ago...16.10.2014

And coming to this year, I entered my room when they asked me to come and as soon as I opened the door, I saw Yangzom, Yangki, Azhim Thinley and Beena smiling for me and songs were sung loudly, “HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, HAPPY BIRTHDAY HAPPY BIRTHDAY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU” The cake was lighted with candles reading my age, 23 (so bad my age increased now) and Yangki asked to me to cut the cake. They kept on singing the song while I blew the candles and cut the cake and fed all of the beautiful ladies who gathered for me on my special day. I felt completely blessed and I hugged all of them with a gesture of great appreciation. Photography is a part of any celebration and that happened too to capture the beautiful memories.
These pretty ladies made the best moments for me

A gift was presented to me combined by Yangzom, Yangki and Beena and asked me to open it. I unpacked the gift to find a beautiful frame where I can put lots of pictures of me, my family and friends. Love you girls and thank you so much for making me feel this special. I shall never forget this. Cakes, snacks and juice were served then.
Here is my gift by the girls

Soon, I insisted for a dance session where all the ladies moved their bodies in my small hostel room. We rocked on English songs, Hindi songs, Bhutanese songs and Tibetan songs…Our dance continued till our feet hurt and by then only we realized we had danced a lot. It was 2 am and we went to bed then as we all had classes the next morning.

The next morning, we woke up very late. We all had to skip our breakfast and rush for the classes. Classes went on as usual and my classmates and friends blessed me with their best wishes. Yamini Sharma and Nishalata Parida demanded a treat from me and so I took them to the famous canteen of the university campus, V Kitchen. They enjoyed fried rice and noodles.
My Indian friends enjoyed noodles and fried rice

As the classes came to end, we got ready to go for a treat at KFC in Nehru Place. We made frequent visits to this KFC and we always enjoyed being there.
KFC at Nehru place
Our glory...the friendship for three years!!

I couldn’t forget my big family (our bosses) here in Jamia Hamdard and so I bought them a cake. Hope they enjoyed my cake.
My cake for the bosses!
Jigme Dorji surprised me with his amazing passion filled talent: Art. He sketched me and I was very happy to receive the sketch. Thank you so much Jigme!!
such a talent: hats off!
My this birthday was a day I fully enjoyed and its all due to the beautiful people around me and so I shall thank you all for everything. I am completely blessed. I cannot forget my friends and family who were away physically but wished me through various modern mode of communication and social media. So thanks to all those loved ones who wished me through calls, wechat, whatsapp and facebook.


  1. Happy Birthday Tashi! It my be your happiest day la with family and friends all were wishing and celebrating with you. I could only wish and pray from here la :)

    Great times spent with your best friends. I wish I were there and celebrating with all of you. It's been long time since the last time I ate KFC lol!

    And yes, Jigme drew very nice!!! Such a talented guy. Now I know his hidden talent! ^^

    So, wish you blessed with good health, life full of joy, happiness, laughter, finish study well, and your dreams to come true! Take care and have a wonderful life!


    Rima :)

  2. Thank you Rima has been a great day with everyone's prayers and wishes.
    I too hoped if u were present here. Missed you!
    yeah mam....jigme did a great job.
    kadinchey for ur wishes.
    Love you too n miss you mam!