Thursday, 19 November 2015

Crazy Girl

My friend Yangzom is a crazy fan of the South Korean actor Lee Min Ho. She is currently doing her B. Sc Nursing and has high hope to be his nurse one day. Sometimes I find it very sweet to love someone so much. She did everything possible to show how much she means him. She would be very happy if we call her “LEEYANG” which she made by combining the names of herself and Lee Min Ho. She knows everything about this actor and in fact a lot of things.
South Korean actor, model and singer Lee Min Ho
She watched lots of his Korean dramas and knows all of the scenes too. She doesn’t like the actresses of his drama as they usually kiss and have romantic scenes with her Lee Min Ho. She updates anything with regard to Lee Min Ho and hates it very much when it comes to news of him and any girls’ link up. She loved him since her high school only, nicknaming herself as Lee Min gal.

Her sweet heart broke few months back when the agency of actor Lee Min Ho confirmed his relation with Miss Suzy. Sadness lingered on her face for some days as I can remember clearly.  I am sure lots of other girls too felt similar like her. Yangki and I usually make her furious by speaking nonsense about her Lee Min Ho and she doesn’t hesitate a bit also to refute back. I told her time and again that he is a star and it’s no doubt that there are thousands of other girls who love him possessing their wishes to be with him. He is someone who has no connection with her as he even doesn’t know that she exists and on the other hand, she has set up such a bond from her side which will eventually yield her nothing. She just love him and this is her love power probably that she doesn’t expect anything in return from him as he won’t do anything for her.
This is how she shows her love for him

If it ever happens that actor Lee makes a visit to India, she would do anything to make her presence in front of him. She says, “I know he will grow old and may become less handsome also but I will be still loving him” She cries with him in the emotional scenes, smile and laugh along in his drama, sing the soulful songs for him and the most touching one is loves him unconditionally knowing very well that she can never get him. I think this more than a normal fan!


  1. Hahaha... I think each of us have this moment before. Even me too! Like from my previous post reviewing the Our Times movie, I too had Hong Kong singer as my idol. I was dreaming to be his girl friend, dating, having dinner, dancing, and so on. It would be sweet memory of mine now. How about you? Don't you have one as well? :D

    1. Thank you mam Rima. wow great to know about your idol too. I like lots of actors and their work but its very rare that i happen to dream like you and Yangzom. Recently i liked a Bhutanese actor Sonam Tenzin as i watched some of his movies while in Bhutan. It is natural process that i like an actor after watching his movie and as time passes, i forget slowly. haha...