Sunday, 25 June 2017

Meeting Princess Mako

She walked majestically with careful and soft steps. Her sparkling eyes were the blooming petals of spring flowers. And her humbleness touched down on every individual she met. Her smile simply made us feel happy with no reasons.

I was very fortunate to have been able to join the officers from RBP and Ministry of Foreign Affairs in serving Her Imperial Highness Princess Mako of Akishino of Japan and her delegates from 1st to 7th June 2017 which was her official visit to Bhutan.
Photo session after the audience 

On her 6th day in Bhutan, she granted us an audience at the Zhiwaling Hotel in Paro. I embraced myself to say at least something to HIH. She was perfectly dressed in a beautifully patterned traditional kira. When HIH Princess faced me and put forward her hand with that capturing smile, all I could do was bow down and receive her hand. My voice was shaking but managed these words,"It's really nice to see you la" She immediately broadened her smile and replied me but my nervousness overwhelmed me as all of my blood circulation was diverted to my face and my mind ceased thinking for a while that I cannot recollect what were the exact words she spoke back to me.

During her 7 days in Bhutan, I have learnt so many things and gained experiences which will always be a pioneer in my future. Among all, I loved the time punctuality of HIH. If we are on time and never late, we can achieve so many things. I have seen the miracle of time punctuality to my own believe. Thank you HIH.

HIH hiked the Iconic Taktsang Monastary on 6th June. Young and energetic, within two hours she reached the monastery. When we reached back the base of the Taktshang, she thanked me and my medical team personally for monitoring and taking care of her bodyguard who had difficulty walking and complained of shortness of breath during the hike.

On 7th June, when HIH waved us goodbye before boarding her plane, a sad feeling developed within me and everyone who came to see her off at the Paro International Airport. Though it was only seven days together, departing has never been easier. Kadinchey la HIH Princess for visiting Bhutan. We wish you happiness and good health always.


  1. Lucky you to experience this memorable thing in your life!!! Including all those perks you got during your duty ;) Hehehe.... Hope you'll get more such experience in future la! ^^

    1. I need to thank you actually for a special reason. Hope you know this.
      Of course la...can't forget all those bonuses I received!!
      Thank you for your visit����

    2. Your post was actually reminding me about our encounter with King during Paro Tsechu ;) Surprisingly I was not shaking like you, instead so much exciting to be able to talk with him there!!! Like flying to heaven... hahaha... you should remember that moments!!! :P

    3. Yeah...that encounter can be closely related here. Though I was also excited but I got nervous when the moment came and started shaking...hehe
      I will make sure I don't do like this when I get such opportunity next time!