Sunday, 10 February 2019

A Student Whole Life

The journey we embark on from the day we are born continues till we die. And in between we have so many ups and downs. All those ups and downs teaches us so many lessons in life making us students our whole life.

And for the last 7-8 months, I have been into an utterly distasteful truth of life. I was shattered. But then I had to rise up and learn to fight for myself. I had to exhibit the strongest and bravest side of me. I won't claim myself to be a strong warrior, very different from others. I honestly believe that everyone of us have this spirit to fight the worst battle of life when the situation really demands. We just feel that we are not ready but that isn't the case. We really are!!

For me, one huge driving force in all these mess was the massive love and encouragement poured in for me to walk through this darkest tunnel. I really consider myself lucky to have so many beautiful souls around me in such times who sparked hopes for sunshine and reminded me that good things were on their way into my lives. These helped me immensely.

And yes, not forget one's own beliefs and positivities. My friend always told me that positive thoughts attracted the positive things in our life. So true for me!! And secondly as a Buddhist, prayers are one huge weapon. I had my beloved Rinpoche who provided me the most effective and correct weapon in this battle.

So way forward now, let me be a better person who can help others. Let all those terrible months' lesson be a great wisdom.


  1. Welcome back!!! This too, shall pass. I am glad that everything goes well. Keep the spirits up!!! Life is an on going battle with exams every single day. Do not let yourself be defeated by it. Wish you all the smooth journey now onwards!!! Take care and all the best!!!