Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Those funny days

In the year 2012, we were crowned in our school for being the senior most as we were at the peak of our high school. We enjoyed putting on that serthra gho and kira to school every day. Our class teacher, Ms Sumitra with glasses used to start our day with all those friction, force, motion…blah blah (I don’t remember much of physics content now). She was even the Head of Science Department in the school. So when her department decided to have a science exhibition in the school, she held great expectations from her class which was XII science B. Why would she not expect? We were the senior most science students in the school. With the exhibition happening in just two weeks, none of my classmates thought about participating there to showcase our talents.

We all were busy with our own studies. Few days before the event, she asked us what our plans were and nobody had any answer. Then she gave us her whole teaching period to discuss and plan out something amongst us. When the time was over, there were lots of ideas cropped among the students which made her feel really relived and happy.

But on the day of the event, there was hardly any model. It was me and my friend Tshering Wangmo who came up with a small idea of air pressure. It was an absolutely lazy and flat model. All we needed was an empty plastic bottle and a boiled egg..hehe (I seriously find it funny to share this idea here). We did the demonstration once and it was pretty cool but very unluckily on the day of exhibition, our only plastic bottle got crumbled and shapeless which gave a failed report to our experiment.

When the science lab assistants knew about our problem, she gave us another plastic bottle. I and my friend had no idea that the bottle was previously used to store diesel and we simply inserted the flame into the bottle. Within seconds, the flame busted and we both nearly survived an accident. Thank you Buddha!

After this event, we were more than sure that our experiment cannot be displayed so we sat back hopelessly looking at other models made by our juniors. Soon our class captain, Tshering Pelden came with a science book which had simple experiments. We scanned through the pages to save the nose of our class at the last moment. And we caught hold of one simple process “DISTILLATION” using the filter paper. Then the lab assistant again came to us and seeing our pathetic presentation on our table, she gave us a water filter purely made at home using the available materials, which everyone can make at home. And she told us, “Last year’s passed out students made this”

So finally we had two displays on our table: water distillation and home-made water filter. And we were four girls (Tsheyang Choden joined us) from our class presenting the models. When the experiment finally began and students came around, we gained confidence in our experiment and model. Our biggest lie that we made the hand-made water filter seemed really true to our own belief. Everyone was praising our idea and appreciated the four of us there.

Then a twist came suddenly as we spotted someone in the crowd. There was a guy who was our senior, but he couldn’t do the final exams due to medical reasons and he was in our batch (in different section though). Seeing the guy, the four of us looked at each other and knew that he was the one in last years’ student batch who made the home-made water filter which we were displaying as our own. So the only option left for us to save from the shame was to run away. The two of us ran away, leaving our table. The other two friends were reluctant to leave. So they did the rest of the presentation and completed it too.

Towards the end of the exhibition, Sir Pradeep came for inspection and evaluation. He knew everything about the models and who really made it too, so he just gave us that look of how insincere and irresponsibility we were. And when the results came, better don’t ask where my team stood in the ranking…hehe

Though this wasn’t a good thing we did but whenever I recall this incident or share it with my friends, I am always happy of the fun I had because it seems really interesting and shows how much fun our school life really was. 

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