Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Thank God! it's just a...

An unknown lady stood by my side, looking straight into my eyes. She then stepped back as she noticed the immense fear filled in my eyes.  We don’t speak a word but so many scary conversations were exchanged within seconds. We both were aware that we have been trapped in such a situation where running away will cause our deaths. All we had in our hand was to face the situation. And we knew the situation was no better than the deaths. Thousands of thoughts came and our minds were clotted with those thoughts and feelings.

Someone was at the door and we both looked at each other. As the frequency of the knock on the door increased I unlatched it though was very much scared. A man in army uniform looked pitifully at me and said something inaudible. Seeing my shivering body, he repeated himself, “Please run away from here. If you stay here, you both will die and no one can help you.”

Hearing those words, both of us run away like the shooting arrows for so long. I don’t look back. I just run and run and run away from that place. The speed made me forget that I lost my friend also. At usual times I used to get exhausted easily while running but at that moment I had no time getting exhausted because it was my life which was at stake.

When I was finally sure that I have been in a safe zone, I heard a very familiar laughing voice. I took a minute to know that my friend Tshering Yangki was laughing but it was very hard for me to locate where she was. I didn’t see her around though her voice suggested me that she was just next to me. I tried harder but yielded no success. She kept on laughing and I kept on searching for her around. And then I heard another voice talking so many things about “my daughter and my son thing”. It was sure that there was someone else other than my friend but I failed to track down who the other voice was.

When I was brought back to my senses I noticed that my friend Tshering Yangki was next to me on the same bed and she was busy watching and laughing on some online videos. Woooh!! Such a dream! My pulse was racing for some time though I realized it was just a dream 


  1. Hahaha.. nightmare eh??? I guess instead of romantic movie, you were watching horror movie this afternoon :D :D :D Great to see an update from Delhi!!! Happy Valentine's Day and enjoy the rest of your stay in Delhi while you can!!! Have fun and take care dear Tashi!!! :)

    1. Haha...don't know whether this resulted from a horror movie or not but glad that it was a dream. Hehe
      Thank you for your constant visit and encouragement. Happy Valentine's day to u too.
      Take careπŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•