Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Choosing Happiness

This is my first post for year 2017. I wanted to share about something that had been bothering me since so many months and it still is without any concrete solution.

All I can do is keep understanding the concerned people when they talk about their issues and when this happens, my problem is swept away. May be I am being in haste wanting everything to be right on time as I have planned but then I get a question within myself, “When all my friends are rising forward, why am I kept trodden?” And there is a silent response talking about my own fate and karma. Yeah right!! Every one of us has different karma and we need to go accordingly. Such things happened in the past as well, so I am not much surprised with this one.

I got the answer and I understand everything. People who know me, (especially my friends and relatives) throw their curious questions to me and they hardly understand the answer I bounce back with and this has lead to so many judgmental opinions about me and my career. Perhaps this is because they don’t understand the way they should. And on the other hand they are not in a position (educational level) to understand all these mess I am in so I don’t bore any hard feelings for them as well.

"Everyday is a story of Patience, Perseverance and Faith because it is everyday that we are faced with unknown tomorrow, uncertain fate and unsure future. Let us therefore conquer everyday with optimism grounded on prayer"- Anonymous

Now I am on a positive ground. Perhaps this is the time granted to me so that I do things which interests me and gives me satisfaction. I shall devote my time to the people I cherish in life and enjoy the fumes of happiness. Let me make this one a blessing in disguise. 


  1. Yes Tashi, everything happens only for good reasons!! What occurred on your mind, occurred in everyone's mind, including my own mind. Instead of feeling down, taking it positively, exactly like what you did!!! It's great to see your positivity back! Keep the spirit up and be thankful for the time that is letting idle because you can fill it doing things you love doing, which everyone does not entitled with much! ^^ Have a blessed year ahead Tashi and update your blog often, inspire others, while you can now! Love, Rima :)

    1. Yes la...I am being there strongly. Thank you for the support. I shall do things I couldn't do and draw happiness.
      And sincerely Thank you for always being there for me