Monday, 16 January 2017

A year for MINJUR

My tiny little hero, Minjur is one year today. This little life born from my dearest sister completed all the four seasons of 366 days this year.

It was at this time last year that so many of us waited for his delivery with lots of anticipation and to be frank, I had hoped for a baby girl so strongly. But he came to us with so many hopes and reasons to smile. When my sister went into labor, I kept sticking around her because I didn’t want to miss the first appearance of my nephew at any cost.

He came into our world weighing 3.48KG and I still remember his tiny little lips that wouldn’t open wide enough to fit in the nipple for breastfeeding. I will tease him all his life about coming to see us with such little mouth..hehe. His first night was calm and he slept peacefully but from the next night, he made us feel like we were on security night duty in a bank and we took turns to make him sleep.

Days turned to weeks, weeks slowly to months and he grew up with lots of developments. His neck held the head; limbs became active in a little coordinated way and slowly sat on his butt. Once his four limbs were strong enough to hold his body, he started crawling all around and this has not been a good thing for me since it’s very difficult to wash his dirtied pant in his cold weather. And hopefully he will walk soon and may be this thing would be gone with that.

His communicating skill has also developed as now he speaks so many words which are difficult to understand but the tone is coordinated and easy to understand. He can utter the word “apa” and his mother is dying to hear the word “ama” one day. He sometimes shouts at us in his own immature way to shed off his anger.

To talk about his emotional growth, no doubt he had long time developed the stranger anxiety. Once he sees his mother around, all he wants is to go into her arms.

He is one big ray of hope many of us have and all we want is for him to grow healthy and be a good son/nephew/grandson and most vitally a good human being. We always love you baby Minjur. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

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