Monday, 21 March 2016

World Forestry Day

Currently Bhutan is hitting the world headlines for the unique and heavenly celebrations of our royal birth of gyalsay. As a Bhutanese it is a proud moment and I must say that there couldn’t have been any other better way to celebrate and welcome our prince. Planting 108000 trees in a day has seriously waved off to so many other lavish celebrations and donations, showing the generosity along with compassion which is ultimately going to benefit thousands of living forms on earth. Hats Off!! Bhutan indeed portrayed the true essence of an eco-friendly, carbon negative and GNH country as the very act of planting so many trees has proved to be an enormous gift not only to the gyalsay, even not only to the country and the people of Bhutan but to all forms of living being on earth.

Yes the best example is set here but I don’t think that this is where our role winds up. We now need to work harder than ever, touching higher strategies to provide happiness and save the earth. Since the day homo sapiens have heard of modernization, there have been very few who proved intelligent and looked back to conserve the affectionate environment. I don’t need to explain what a tree is capable of doing.

In my school days I did the tree plantations on Social Forestry Day which falls on June 2nd every year and I am happy about that little contribution but then it might weigh very less compared to what I have got till now. What I did in those days was not at all enough to protect the earth. What the whole Bhutanese has done till now is never ever going to be enough. And even whatever the whole world did till now is still not enough. Forest preservation will never be enough. That’s why the whole world need to be serious on this note and get up on their feet with a motive to preserve and promote our forest which is dwindling day by day very sadly. But as an ordinary citizen of a small country like Bhutan I am definitely handcuffed. None of us can go and talk to Presidents or Prime Ministers of other big nations and tell them that their countries should plant lots of trees. Neither we can go to other countries and force the people to plant trees. It should come from one’s own consciousness and mindfulness.

What a proud moment for a family if they own a car? Everyone has been modernized enough to own a smart phone, even young kids. But it hardly crossed our mind to own a tree and care for it. We really need to be sorry for this. Don’t we?

Here are some pictures (from facebook) which says so many things if only we are alive enough to see it
Its such an imbalance!

Our future generations

Selfishness of a man Vs generosity of a tree

When a tree falls, all living beings will equally fall down

And man will also be hungry with them

This moment is nearing day by day

Today, 21st March is World Forestry day and I pray everyone understands that their mother earth is in great need of their intervention in stopping all those destructions and beautifying her back with all those natural greeneries so that we can proudly hand over her to our future generations. There are lots of issues which we cannot control but we can contribute in our own ways and so today I pledge that I will be more responsible towards our forests and minimize as much of destruction as possible to her.

We don’t have to love our children separately if we love and save our mother earth. She will do everything. SAVE THE EARTH!!!

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