Saturday, 12 March 2016

The First Time

My friend Yangki and I just realized that it has been a very long time since we went out to have fun. Its almost two months into the new semester and today was the first time for this year that we went out to eat together. Thanks to Ngawang Tseten (Yangki's Tibetan classmate) who initiated to take us out and try our taste on Korean cuisines for the first time. We immediately filled in with positive response as undoubtedly, we are the Korean freaks...hehe.

The first time I knew we were going to a Korean restaurant, kimchi came to my mind. I knew that kimchi is very famous and is very spicy and sour: like my kind of taste. And so I asked Ngawang who had been there before weather we will get kimchi or not. And she just laughed and told me that it will be there as a side dish.

The restaurant by the name Kori's Cafe & Restro was at Majnu Ka Tila in Old Delhi and it took approximately an hour to reach there via metro but no loss because its all for our fun of eating and who doesn't love eating? 
The beautiful restaurant

The restaurant was very beautiful and clean. I really liked the place. We then proceeded on with the orders: ramen, kimbap, BBQ chicken, Jasmine tea, red ginseng tea and ginger honey lemon tea. Ngawang was the pioneer while ordering as she had tasted most of the dishes before. As our dishes were laid on the table one by one, we hardly cared about anything else than to eat. Of all, I really loved kimbap which was made from rice sticked together in layers and encircling vegetables inside while the whole stuff was surrounded by some seaweed kind of stuff. The taste was awesome. I seriously want to eat this kimbap once again. And I managed to eat three little bowls of kimchi all by myself as both of my friends didn't like it much...not bad!!

Once we were done with eating, the staff over there asked us to write our feedback and I gave them this short feedback.

It was only in the Korean movies and dramas that I saw those dishes but I never thought that I will taste some of them some day. I am happy to have tasted it and I wish to taste other variety too in future.

P.S. Thank you Yangki for the photos!


  1. I saw it too when I was there but didn't try as I still preferred having Tibetan food while staying there ^^ Yeah, I love Korean food too. Great that you finally tasted it La! Enjoy your weekend Tashi! :)

    1. We didn't knew about it until today. I am also very happy to have tasted it. U too have a relaxing weekend mam!