Sunday, 14 February 2016

All for Love

February 14 has come, calling the whole world in the celebrations of the very LOVE. I am sure most of the valentines have turned romantic in an unusual way and are busy planning on candle light dinners, gifts, flowers or surprises for their lovely partners. So firstly I wish every beautiful couple a very Happy Valentines’ Day. May your love grow day by day!!

During my childhood, a day came which I cannot forget as my friends laughed horribly at my face when I curiously wished them, “Happy Valentines’ Day”. I blushed into red cheeks upon knowing that it was the day for the lovers. And since then I never wished anyone on this particular day…haha. But then I have learnt few years back that this day is not solely for lovers. Without a valentine, I too can celebrate this special day with my loved ones as it was all about love. And today, I am going to celebrate the victory of love with the review of two romantic fantasy movies I watched few weeks ago. It was my roomie Yangki who suggested me the following two movies of Hollywood because I know that she has a great taste in movies.

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Isn’t it a curious feeling when we think to age in reverse order? Our life will be completely different then.  Here is a movie starring the superstar Brad Pitt as Benjamin Button who ages in reverse order. He is born as a very old man and so his father abandons him near a nursing home where he is taken care of by a lady named Queenie. He later meets Daisy (Cate Blanchet) who is his love interest.  As they advance in age, they become good friends and develop the special bonding. Benjamin ascends in his looks as he become younger every day where as Daisy travels the opposite direction as a normal person. Circumstances aren’t that favorable for them to live together but after several years of staying away from each other, they finally meet and live together.  Daisy delivers a baby girl named Caroline and then the climax… (Their situation is completely different than other ordinary couples. So the story takes an interesting turn here. Must watch if you haven’t)

The age of Adaline

How we all wish not to grow old? But once we are born, our aging process starts ultimately and no one has ever succeeded in fighting our age. Here is a movie which shows the darker side of not aging. The movie stars Blake Lively as Adaline who stops aging after she encounters a deadly car accident at the age of 29. Once dead, she is brought back to life when the lightning of very high voltage strikes and defibrillates her heart, restoring circulation immediately. From then on wards her body stops aging and she lives her 107 years with various identities and shifting from one city to another. After so many decades it happens that she fall in love in with man called Ellis Jones (Michiel Huisman). Adaline knows that she cannot have a normal love life with Ellis but she can hardly confess him the truth that she confronts with her past. Ellis takes her home to meet his parents where Ellis’ dad, William (Harison Ford) recognizes her at the very first sight as Adaline. (Ellis know Adaline by her fake name Jenny) But she covers up immediately by saying that Adaline was her mother and she passed away few years ago. We are soon taken to a flashback where Adaline and William (while young like Adaline) were once deeply in love with each other but she abandoned him knowing the unreliable future she had. It is not so soon that William comes to know that Jenny is the Adaline he knew years before as he notices the scar on her hand which was stitched by him in those days while they were together. He confronts her directly and… (Climax)

I am keeping both the stories at the climax point because I really enjoyed watching it and it’s not good to spoil the fun if someone is planning to watch it…hehe. But let me say this much that both the movies have a happy ending.

The central themes on these movies were Love portrayed through various heart-melting scenes and dialogues nesting understanding and affection for the other person though they know that the situation is not going to be normal and smooth. This is love undoubtedly where risks is as minute as a dust particle in front of giant love.

Cheers to all the people who dare to love!!!

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